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Mirconeedling | STARS Plastic Surgery

Microneedling has become a pretty trendy procedure, but what exactly is it? Nurse Practitioner Dawn Rodriguez is here to explain how this minor procedure can completely revitalize collagen production in the face and have you feeling brand new! Message us today to book your consultation!


Microneedling is actually... It's a series of microneedles that penetrate the skin past the top layer. And what it does is, it sets off a repairing process where your body mimics the repairing process by sending collagen and natural builders, just to help replenish and rebuild that damaged skin. So what's nice is, when you get a bunch of little pricks on your face, it builds collagen and it helps stimulate that production of new cell growth. After the first week or so, you will be a little red. You may experience a little flakiness, but then after it starts to heal, then you'll start to see nice rejuvenated radiant results. You'll start to see less prominence of wrinkles, and just an overall healthy glow.