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Ask the STARS Expert | Derma Fillers and Botox with Dawn | STARS Plastic Surgery

Want to know the difference between Derma Fillers and Botox? ?? Our Nurse Practitioner Dawn is here to tell you more about injectables and help you find the best option for your goals.


Derma fillers, it's hyaluronic acid. And so, you inject that into the skin. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture, water, to collagen. That's what helps give that plumping effect. Botox is more of like a neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscle. For instance, if you have sunken in skin that's lost collagen or it's lost fat, particularly around this area or around the cheek area, that's when you can fill it in with a hyaluronic acid, just to plump it up. However, if you have frown lines in the middle, you wouldn't really use hyaluronic acid for that. You would use Botox because that will paralyze the muscle, soften it up so those lines are a little bit less apparent.